Kenaf is
the future of agriculture.

Kenaf platform that utilizes blockchain technology
for efficient, transparent and secure transactions


Agriculture Blockchain

Our goal is to support the ecosystem of the vegetable energy and textile industry by introducing a plant fiber supply chain management system using Kenaf, the one of the world's 4 largest textile plants, into the blockchain.

VkenafChain is the first vegetable energy and textile industry operating in a decentralized peer-to-peer network system, creating a strong environment through the use of blockchain technology.

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  • Transportation
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What is a Kenaf ?

Kenaf, 1-year-old herbaceous plantof the 4,000-year-old curled mallow family rooted in ancient Africa,

is a member of the Hibiscus cannabinus L. It has a variety of characteristics that are not found in common plants, and is considered one of the world's top 3 fiber crops with its use at various fields of daily life.

The main agricultural areas are China and India, and are also cultivated in many other countries such as the United States, Mexico and Senegal.

Why Choose Kenaf

Kenaf, an eco-friendly alternative to scarce minerals, synthetic compounds and raw materials,  is a renewable resource that generates economically, environmentally and socially three times as much Profit!

  • Rapid growth (3 harvests per year)
  • high insulation and soundproof efficiency
  • Lightweight and cost effective natural fiber
  • Ability to absorb large amounts of CO2
  • High production speed and volume of biomass
  • Enrich the land
  • Eco-friendly pulp production
  • Less energy consumption than wood pulp
  • Applied to various value-added products
  • Biodegradable or recyclable

What we do

We benefit everyone in the Kenaf supply chain,from farmers to brokers, traders, exporters and buyers.

  • TraceabilityGuarantee of proof of origin along the supply chain
  • BlockchainSmart contracts provide efficiency in ownership transfer and payment security
  • ConnectivitySmooth communication and data provision between external supply chains and programs
  • CoverageImproved market visibility through wide exposure to new customers
  • Concurrency Access bids / offers in simultaneous real-time market and check of transactions instantly
  • Market informationProviding information so as not to miss market opportunities

Kenaf Platform

We're making everyone happy by trading.

Our platform connects producers, buyers and sellers simply and securely.
In addition, it enhances the experience with a variety of innovative features

  • Live marketInstantly view and confirm transactions
  • Market visibilityGreater exposure to buyers and sellers
  • Smart invoiceOnline transfer, receipt and tracking
  • Saving time and moneyChecking contract / invoice / scale ticket
  • Analyticsfree personal analysis of yourself
  • Software integrationIntegration with other Kenaf production software

Use area of Kenaf


  • Traditional usesString, rope, cord, sack
  • FurnitureMedium-density fibreboard (MDF), other
    wood composite
  • Oil and gasOil spill absorbents, to seal hole around
    drill bit to prevent lubricant from leaking
  • ConstructionDecking, roofing, thermal insulation,
  • TextileYarns, polymers
  • Natural fuelBio-fuel, biomass for burning in various forms
    (powder, core fibre and waste in general)
  • PaperSubstitute for wood chips for pulping,
    currency notes, cardboard
  • Livestock Bedding, fodder (kenaf leaves)
  • AutomotiveInterior panelling, bumpers, spoilers
  • Leisure and sports industryBicycle frames, softboard, fishing rods
Source: Various
Uses in the automotive, oil and gas industry

Kenaf's Use Cases

Bio energy

Kenaf is the highest biomass-producing crop in terms of production, land and time. Kenaf, grown in 1 hectare, can produce 15~20 tonnes of dry matter in just 120 days, and 6,500~9,000 liters of ethanol in 1 hectare.

In addition, Kenaf fibers can be used as a raw material in many practical application fields, so separating the fibers from the core may be a better alternative.

In this case, 1 hectare produces 5~7 tons of high-quality fiber, while the yield of ethanol extracted from the core is 4,500~6,000 liters.


Plastics are produced around 320 million tons annually worldwide, and

bioplastics account for about 1% of them. The global bioplastics production capacity is approximately 2.05 million tons as of 2017, and is expected to grow by an annual average of 19.2% from 2017, reaching approximately 2.44 million tons in 2025.
Source: nova-Institute & European Bioplastics

Ford, a global automaker is producing 25% lighter than conventional products by selecting the Kenaf plant, a well-proven organic alternative, to increase the sustainability index of the new 2013 Escape. Toyota Boshoku Corporation, based on existing technology that utilizes Kenaf since 2003 to improve fuel efficiency, has been applying it as a base material for lighter door trims and seat back boards to reduce CO2 emissions and vehicle weight. And companies such as BMW, AUDI and HYUNDAI are also using it.

Use Area

  • Animal Feed Area
  • Pet Products Area
  • Cosmetics Area
  • Bio-construction Area

Our Farm

  • 27Th2
    68th day of Kenaf on Feb 27, 2020)
  • 03Th2
    44th day of Kenaf on Feb 3, 2020
  • 20Th1
    33th day of Kenaf on Jan 20, 2020
  • 07Th1
    20th day of Kenaf on Jan 7, 2020
  • 28Th12
    10th day of Kenaf on Dec 28, 2019
  • 18Th12
    On December 18, 2019, Kenaf plantation began in the land of Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam
  • 14Th3
    75th day of Kenaf on Mar 14, 2020
  • 27Th2
    58th day of Kenaf on Feb 27, 2020
  • 09Th1
    Photo of cultivation land
  • 28Th2
    7th day of Kenaf on Feb 28, 2020
  • 21Th2
    Sowing on Feb 21, 2020
  • 21Th2
    Looking around cultivation land with People's Committee of Thai Binh province
  • 20Th3
    23th day of Kenaf on Mar 20, 2020
  • 12Th3
    15th day of Kenaf on Mar 12, 2020
  • 08Th3
    12th day of Kenaf on Mar 8, 2020
  • 29Th2
    Sowing on Feb 29, 2020
  • 26Th3
    25th day of Kenaf on Mar 26, 2020
  • 17Th3
    16th day of Kenaf on Mar 17, 2020
  • 08Th3
    7th day of Kenaf on Mar 8, 2020
  • 01Th3
    Sowing on Mar 1
  • 25Th2
    Looking around cultivation land on Feb 25, 2020

Token Distribution


Total Supply
100,000,000 VKNF

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  • Token Sale 35
  • Future Development55
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History & Road map

  • 18.10Established Kenaf business plan
  • 19.02Established Richwork corporation in Vietnam
  • 19.03Kenaf coin issuance
  • 19.04Kenaf trial cultivation in Vietnam
  • 19.08Meetup in Vietnam
  • 19.09Established Richwork corporation in Singapore
  • 19.10Meetup in Indonesia
  • 19.11Meetup in Singapore
  • 19.12Meetup in Malaysia
  • 19.12Meetup in Thailand
  • 20.01Kenaf cultivation contract in Tay Ninh, Vietnam
  • 20.02Meetup in Thai Binh, Vietnam
  • Kenaf cultivation contract in Thai Binh, Vietnam
  • Kenaf cultivation contract in Dak Lak, Vietnam
  • Kenaf cultivation contract in Cambodia
  • Kenaf cultivation contract in Bandung, Indonesia
  • VKenaf coin issuance
  • 20.03Private sale of VKenaf
  • 20.07Pre-sale of VKenaf
  • 20.08Global marketing of Vkenaf-Chain
  • 20.3QStrategic Alliance with Changjo Archtecture Co.,Ltd. in Korea
  • Kenaf smart palm business promotion in Cu Chi, Vietnam
  • Kenaf theme park business promotion in Cu Chi, Vietnam
  • Completion of land contract for Kenaf cultivation in Vietnam
  • 20.4QCompletion of land contract for Kenaf cultivation in Java island, Indonesia
  • Farmland reclamation and direct management in Cambodia
  • Vkenaf wallet's launching
  • Listing on the Exchange in Korea
  • Listing on the top 30 global Exchanges
  • 21.1QIts own global P2P Exchange's launching
  • 21.2QStarting construction of Kenaf theme park in Cu Chi, Vietnam
  • Partnership with pellet, feed and pulp processing plants
  • Richwork group's strategic partnership with organizations in agriculture field
  • Listing on the top 10 global Exchanges & Vietnam Exchange
  • 21.4QDevelopment of VKenaf Dapp
  • 22.2QEstablishment of pellet, feed and pulp manufacturing plants in Vietnam
  • 23.3QEstablishment of a pulp manufacturing plant in Cambodia
  • 24.2QEstablishment of bioenergy power plant in Vietnam

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  • Kosshlavani_Malaysia

    Blockchain and the decentralized application development

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  • DongHo Seo_Republic of Korea

    EveryCoin CFO / ANYNEW VN CEO

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